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Author Interview: Annabelle McCormack

Annabelle McCormack writes historical women’s fiction with epic settings, adventure, and romance. Her debut, Windswept, a novel about a...

Author Interview: Melina Druga

Just a few housekeeping items before we dive into this fantastic interview. Firstly, welcome new followers! There are a lot of you so I...

Author Interview: Lisa Boyle

"Their silent disgust failed to affect me anymore. But this was not silent. This was loud and forceful and violent. I could not ignore...

Book One Update

Things are getting real, friends! I'm now 3/4 of the way through my revisions for Book One. I'm keeping the title simply Thicker Than...

Author Interview: Trevor Wiltzen

Mabel Davison is a hardworking, feisty Mama Bear. She never backs down from a challenge, follows her instincts, and stands up for what...

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