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A Heart Full of Thanksgiving

Gratitude. Such a simple word, yet it means so much.

Like most, I strive everyday to acknowledge my many blessings, whether personal or professional. In both aspects, indeed, I have a lot to be thankful for.

As it pertains to my writing, I’m continually astonished by what I’ve been able to accomplish since Thicker Than Water’s debut only a short six months ago.

In addition to Barnes & Noble Bethlehem, signed copies of the novel can be found at their Deptford, NJ, location — the very same store I grew up going to. My grandparents lived in Runnemede, a small town 2.2 miles from this location. Yes, I Googled the distance because I'm a nerd like that.

This is the #BarnesandNoble where I studied while commuting to #Rutgers.

Where, 21 years ago, my husband and I grabbed coffee in the Cafe to get to know each other better before a movie (Monster's Inc., btw).

It's next to the #davidsbridal where, 2 years after that, I bought my wedding dress.

Maybe you're a writer who's in the midst of #NanoWriMo and completely stressed out right now. Or down on yourself because the manuscript you started 3 years ago still isn't anywhere near finished. Maybe you're about to put your armor on and send those query letters you've been putting off for fear of rejection.

Wherever you are in the process, do it!! Dreams do come true, but only you can make them happen. Hard work is always worth it in the end.

Like the Deptford store, I’ve also been in Meeting Room B of the Gloucester County Library many times before (bringing the kids to the many wonderful children’s programs, attending adult lectures, and even participating in a cupcake decorating class). I never thought I’d be up front and center as a #FeauredAuthor.

Another dream come true! And in the same week, no less.

I couldn’t help but wear #PhilliesRed and had so much fun engaging with the wonderful group of readers who attended, some of whom drove up from #CapeMay specifically to learn more about the book.

For those unfamiliar with the area, that’s over an hour away from this particular library. Even as a writer, there aren’t enough synonyms to describe how incredibly humbled that makes me feel.

I did a #LiveReading from Thicker Than Water that included the Prologue and Chapter One. This group quickly picked up on my reference to #TheBluePig

The topic was the first to be discussed during our Q&A. Being a work of #historicalfiction I explained that the Blue Pig Casino my character talks about differs from the current Blue Pig Tavern located in Congress Hall.

The original Blue Pig was (**cough**) a gentleman’s club (**cough, cough**) located on the grounds of what is now Uncle Bill's Pancake House on Beach Ave.

Incidentally, and somewhat unrelated, our family owns its own glittery Blue Pig Congress Hall Christmas tree ornament (and yes, you’ll definitely be seeing it in the weeks to come 😉🎄).

Rounding out this whirl-wind author "wish list," I was invited to, and attended, my very first book club appearance earlier this week.

Someone please pinch me! No, seriously.

In the heart of Cape May's historic district. Right there on Washington Street — a road my characters traverse on many occasions (in addition to Decatur, Ocean, and Beach, among others). A place that, were it not for the other vehicles on the roadway, remains frozen in elegant time.

This! This is why I write. For those who love the #JerseyShore as much as I do. Who understand firsthand the nuances and regionally specific Easter eggs that make our home state so special.

We shared a night of laughs and wonderful conversation about my writing process, research, and characterization. It felt like I’d known these women for years. I'm indebted to the hostess for not only organizing but for the personalization she put into our evening.

Dear readers, in this season of #gratitude, I'm thankful for you.

All of you.

I have so much fun engaging with you. Whether it be online, at library events, or #bookclub discussions.

Thank you for for cheering me on and celebrating my milestones. Liking and sharing my posts. Leaving reviews on your favorite sites. Attending my events or telling others about my series.

Without you, there is no trilogy. So, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

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Feb 01, 2023

I can’t wait for the second book to the tri. I’m anx to see what comes next with the Cilligans

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