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January 2024 Update

After the rush of the holidays, January always has felt like the longest…month…ever. Not so, for 2024, hopefully a sign of more good days to come.

I started the month off strong with my first #bookclub of the year. 

Thank you so much to the Washington Township branch of American Association of University Women ("AAUW") for selecting Thicker Than Water as your January read!

It was truly an honor meeting all of you!! I had a wonderful time discussing my writing and research process. Hearing readers’ recollections of their own time spent in The Wildwoods or trips to John Wanamakers department store (now Macy's) warmed my heart.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: #ACapeMayTrilogy is a love letter to the greater Philadelphia area, and everyone who loves this very special place as much as I do.

A heartfelt Thank You to Constance Parent for recommending my novel to her book club.  Ms. Parent and I first met shortly after TTW’s release, during my speaking engagement at The Free Public Library of Monroe Township. Readers like yourself are #whyIwrite.

Finally, l’d be remiss not to acknowledge our gracious hostess, Luci Celano Nurkowski . Thank you for opening up your beautiful home, and the delicious pecan pie. 

Next, I appeared as a guest on Talking Catholic, a podcast where the hosts interview Catholic leaders about what brought them to where they are now and how they are bringing the faith to their communities.

I was joined by poet Nicole Rollender, and spiritual resource writer Domenic Scarcella. While our works vary, we each the opportunity to discuss how our publications either draw on, or are focused on the Catholic faith.

Listen in to find out why I included the Prayer of Saint Michael at a crucial point in Thicker Than Water's narrative.

Tune into Talking Catholic everywhere podcasts can be found, at You can also catch them on Domestic Church Media radio Sundays at 11 AM or Mondays at 4 PM.

In other news, I've back at work on revisions for No Greater Love. I printed the latest manuscript (sorry trees!), and have ruthlessly been editing like there's no tomorrow. What notes I can't squeeze into the margins are being kept under lock & key in my always-with-me notebook. My plan is to get back to drafting by early spring.

How has the New Year been treating you? Let's chat in the comments.

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