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July 2023 Update

Summer, to me, will forever be equated with the Jersey Shore. I like to think of myself as a "Shoobie-but-not-really-a-Shoobie," if there is such a thing. While our family no longer owns a property, we still impart sensible beach etiquette when we do visit, not to mention patronizing the many wonderful eateries, rides, and excursions our coastal communities have to offer.

Speaking of excursions, I’ve teamed up with Squirl to map out all of the locations (both in Philadelphia and #TheShore) referenced in Thicker Than Water.

And yes, I totally plan on doing this for the sequels in #ACapeMayTrilogy, too!

The walking tours are #FREE using the very user-friendly Squirl App (available on the Apple App Store as well as Google Play) and perfect for those #downtheshore or out and about in #Philly

When taking the tour, why not take a selfie and tag me? You can find me on Facebook or Instagram.

I’d love to see your smiling faces, and get your thoughts on the “Current View” of some of these locales versus how I described them circa 100 years ago.


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to my signing at Sun Rose Words and Music on June 29th.

And look who stopped by? Beach Badge Magazine's own Patrick Tandy of Eight-Stone Press.

I'll be back in Ocean City again on Saturday, 10/7/23, for their Fall Block Party. Look for me at the Sun Rose table.


The following week. I was back at the Shore for the monthly meeting of the Jersey Shore Women's Networking Group.

It was wonderful connecting with so many like-minded women, including Guest Speaker Jennifer Lynn Robinson, CEO of Purposeful Networking, who gave a truly empowering discussion.

Are you a lady entrepreneur, philanthropist or business exec? Join us the 1st Thursday of each month at Josie Kelly's in Somers Point, NJ.


Finally, I'm thrilled to announce I've had another byline published. Readers will remember Frank Hilton from Thicker Than Water. This article highlights more about the Hilton Rum Ring, as well as his interactions with business partner Max "Boo Boo" Hoff, who will make his appearance in No Greater Love.

You can find my story, Prohibition in the Wildwoods, in the Summer 2023 edition of The Wildwood Sun.

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