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Updates and Upcoming Events

Thicker Than Water has been getting a lot of recognition recently. The book just finished a virtual tour, where it received some great reviews.

ICYMI, here's a highlight reel.

In the News

The novel has also been recognized by several publications including the Philadelphia Inquirer, Sun Newspaper, and Exit Zero.

Amazon Orders Explained

I've heard from a few folks who experienced technical difficulties with Amazon when trying to place their paperback orders. Namely, the book was shown as “temporarily out of stock.”

First, thank you for your interest in Thicker Than Water and for bringing this to my attention. I'd like to take this opportunity to explain what this means and give you an estimation as to when you are likely to receive your paperback from Amazon. Please keep in mind that I don’t have any control over shipping timetables and this is just an example.

My book is distributed to readers through a third party, BookBaby, via what’s known as Print on Demand (“POD”). POD services allow authors like myself the opportunity to sell their books through major retailers, (Amazon, B&N, Target, etc), while avoiding the large upfront investment, and risks of printing and warehousing large quantities of books.

This means that BookBaby prints to the demand of the retailers.

Typically, retailers try to store a small number of books (2 weeks worth of inventory) in their warehouses so they can show a stocking status of “In Stock Ships Today.”

Amazon, in particular, uses complex algorithms to forecast their 2-week inventory requirements. Sometimes, they will sell out of this inventory quicker than expected.

Though the retailers continue to order from BookBaby regularly and the printer fulfills those orders promptly, there may be a short period where a book is listed as out of stock. During this time, the retailer's websites will display a stocking status of “temporarily out of stock.” This message means just what it says, “temporary.”

This process is not unique to BookBaby and is typical for retail sales. Even top sellers will sometimes show as “temporarily out of stock.” However, while the stocking status is set to “temporarily out of stock,” the Buy button is still present and readers can still purchase the books that they want.

So, in layman’s terms, customer “Jane Smith” orders Thicker Than Water through Amazon. It goes in her cart until Amazon contacts BookBaby for POD. BookBaby fills the order and ships to Amazon who, in turn, ships to Jane Smith. The complete process takes approximately 2 weeks. Again, this varies customer to customer depending on where they reside (how far Amazon is shipping- longer distances take longer to be delivered).

Can't wait that long? You can also purchase from me directly.

On the Shelves

In addition to all major online retailers, I'm proud to announce that Thicker Than Water is also available in several brick and mortar locations (with more to come in the near future).

First up is Barnes and Noble, 4445 Southmont Way. Easton, PA 18045

This is the store that played host to #RomanceCon in June. Next year's event is scheduled for May 2023.

Interested in an autographed copy? Check out the Wildwood Historical Museum, 3907 Pacific Ave., Wildwood, NJ 08260.

It can also be purchased on the museum's online store.

The first order the facility placed sold out within two weeks!

Last, but certainly not least, those in Cape May can find it at Exit Zero and Cafe 64 (in Ferry Park). Both Exit Zero companies are offering it online as well.

Upcoming Events

Friday, 8/19/22, 6 pm EST: Guest speaker on Writer's Journey, an IG Live show hosted by Amazon Top 5 author KS Gray.

Friday, 9/9/22, 12 pm EST: Book Talk at the Monroe Township Library This in-person event will include a live reading and Q&A session from participants. Signed copies of the paperback will also be available for purchase. Learn more here.

Monday, 9/12/22, 8 pm EST: Guest speaker on True Crime & Authors podcast hosted by David McClam. Learn more about Frank Hilton's multi-million dollar bootlegging operation. The podcast is available for listening on Apple, Google, and RRS

I'm currently in the process of booking more events for October, so make sure you follow my socials to stay up-to-date.

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