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August 2023 Update

So... this happened.

Yes, that's a jackhammer. In my home. No, we're not prepping for a fancy-schmancy remodel. Just taking care of a plumbing issue that, unfortunately, called for some heavy demo work. The clean up process (and getting the room back to where it was aesthetically) is taking a bit longer than anticipated. Hence, so is my sequel.

As readers, you deserve the best I have to offer. I don't want to rush a product to market just for the sake of publishing. That's not fair to you. Or my characters. But No Greater Love is still very much in-the-works, and I hope to be able to provide a more concrete update next month.

In the interim, I've been focusing on ways to refill my creative well, and spending quality time with the kiddos before they return to school.

Thank you all so much for understanding. Enjoy these last few days of summer's sweetness.

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