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May 2023 Update

Hello Dear Readers!

I hope your spring is going well! Between the kiddos' activities schedule and some recent promotional events I've done (the highlights of which I'll get to in a moment), mine seems to be flying by.

Honestly, I'm grateful for every second. At ages 13 and 9, the days will come soon enough when there won't be uniforms to wash or carpools to drive. In the interim, I'm thankful my spouse and I are able to provide them with every opportunity to grow, learn, and find their passions.

I hope you enjoyed my Title Reveal for No Greater Love last month. Those who may have missed it can watch the mini-trailer here. I'm pleased with my revisions to date, and am on target to release in Autumn 2023 (date forthcoming).

There's nothing quite like interacting with readers in person. I met so many nice people at the Meet the Author Book Festival hosted by the Monroe Township Public Library, and would like to take this opportunity to again thank Trudi Clark and Samantha Snyder for organizing this event.

Here are some pictures from the festival on April 22nd:

Last week, I had the esteemed honor of speaking at the 13th Annual Author's High Tea presented by the Ocean City Free Public Library Friends and Volunteers. The sold out event was held at the historic Flanders Hotel in beautiful Ocean City, NJ.

Now celebrating it's 100th Anniversary, the venue is named in tribute to the Battle of Flanders, and the Allied troops lost there in 1914, during the Great War. This extraordinary connection to World War One reminds me of my character Danny, being that he serves on the Western Front.

I'll remember the tea for many years to come, and am grateful to the following individuals for their hard work and dedication in planning the afternoon:

Debbie Moreland- High Tea Chairperson

Chris Wilson- President, Friends & Volunteers

Karen Mahar - Library Director

I brought my mother-in-law, Chris, as my date, and, as you'll see in the pictures, we had an absolute blast!

A full highlights reel is also posted to my Instagram

Speaking of which, I did another #live podcast on the 5th (which also happened to be my birthday) with fellow authors Julia Slack and Nic Winter. You can watch the full replay here.

Rounding things out, I visited the shore again Saturday, this time to a bit further north in Barnegat, where I did a signing at the Ocean County Library. While most of the events in Thicker Than Water center around Cape May and Philadelphia, Barnegat takes center stage at a pivotal point in the narrative.

Specifically, on Black Sunday, survivors of the Carolina sinking (at the hands of German U-boat 151), were brought to this shore town.

Thank you to the Barnegat Branch of the library, and David Bobrowicz for having me.

What will this summer bring? Stay tuned!

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